US Documents Services also provide attestation services issued from all countries.

To obtain your study, personal, or work visa, you are required to get the UAE Embassy Attestation.

Educational documents attestation:

We provide attestation services for all educational documents issued from all countries. We will take care of your certificate attestation so that you can focus on your duties. All educational certificates need to be attested in the United Arab Emirates for validating the certificate for your job and visa purposes. Attestation of educational documents is mainly for getting the job visa, for higher studies, migration, etc. 

Birth Certificate Attestation:

We provide attestation services for a birth certificate. A birth certificate is the legal documents that show the date and place of birth of a person, which includes their parent’s name also. A birth certificate is needed to be attested for applying visa for the child. It will help you in many legal works in life.

Marriage Certificate Attestation:

We provide attestation services for a marriage certificate. Marriage certificate attestation generally required to convince the opposite countries that you legally married. Marriage attestation in UAE will help to get sponsorship for the spouse or family visaNow, it is very to get because US Documents Services is with you.